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Explore Energy-Efficient Cutting Discs from Reputable Suppliers in the UAE

Discover innovative and safe cutting discs and power equipment tailored for the demanding realm of metalworking. As a respected cutting disc supplierin the UAE, we are dedicated to providing top-notch cutting discs, including the renowned INGCO range for its exceptional performance. INGCO cutting discs boast razor-sharp blades, robust construction, and durable wheels, facilitating seamless metal-cutting operations. Whether you require angle grinders or a comprehensive selection of power tools, our offerings ensure unparalleled durability, enabling prolonged usage and optimal productivity.

Discover an extensive selection of cutting discs from leading suppliers in UAE

As premier cutting disc suppliers in UAE, we prioritize delivering top-notch products that meet stringent performance and safety standards. Sourced from renowned manufacturers, our cutting discs offer unmatched practicality and quality. Specializing in providing efficient, space-saving, and user-friendly options, we stand out as a reliable choice for all your cutting disc needs. Trust us as your preferred cutting disc supplier for innovative solutions tailored to your requirements.

Explore INGCO Cutting Discs: Precision Tools for Efficient Metal Cutting

Find the top-recommended INGCO cutting disc endorsed by leading UAE tool suppliers.

INGCO Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc (MCD101151):

With its razor-sharp precision and strong construction, this metal cutting disc delivers excellent results. It has a flat center design for increased stability during operation and measures 115mm (4-1/2′′) in diameter and 1.0mm (3/64′′) in thickness. This cutting disc cuts metal and inox with ease, thus making it an essential item in your toolbox.

INGCO MCD121151 Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc:

These metal cutting discs supplies in UAE are115mm (4-1/2′′) disc have a 1.2mm (3/64′′) thickness and a flat center, allowing you to efficiently remove surface materials such as metal glass, ceramics, plastics, and paint. This steel-cutting disc, designed with precision and longevity in mind, offers burr-free and faultless cuts. Buy a steel cutting disc for clean surfaces and a flawless project finish.

INGCO MCD121251 Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc:

This metal cutting disc, measuring 125mm (5′′) in diameter and 1.2mm (3/64′′) in thickness, gives a unique performance. The flat design of the cutting wheel ensures stability when cutting metal and inox materials. These cutting discs suppliers in UAE ideal for metal manufacturing or inox installations. The disc is carefully wrapped, so it is delivered in excellent condition.

INGCO MCD303551 Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc:

The INGCO Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc is ideal when speed and efficiency are critical. These 3-inch metal cutting discs are designed for efficient metal and inox cutting and measure 355mm (14′′) in diameter and 3.0mm in thickness. Buy 3-inch metal cutting discs to cut quickly and precisely as you work through your tasks.

INGCO DMD011102M Diamond Disc Set:

You need the INGCO diamond cutting wheel when cutting rigid materials. This set includes ten 110mm (4 3/8′′) dry diamond blade discs, each with a 20mm blade width. With an aggregate base, this tool is best for cutting green concrete, asphalt, brick, block, marble, granite, ceramic tile, and other materials. Buy a diamond cutting disc with the capability combined with a strong steel core, ensuring precise and efficient cutting on each attempt.

Why Buy Steel Cutting Disc From INGCO Online At Albirco?

Trusted Brand:

INGCO is renowned for its reliability and trustworthiness.

Competitive Pricing:

Enjoy competitive prices on high-quality 3-inch cutting metal discs.

Trusted Warranty:

Benefit from a reliable warranty for INGCO cutting discs purchased online in Dubai.

Excellent Customer Service:

Albirco offers expert customer service in the UAE, addressing any queries or concerns.


As leading building material suppliers in the UAE, we offer industry-approved INGCO cutting discs for safety and efficiency.

Quality Assurance:

INGCO steel cutting discs offered by Albirco meet rigorous quality standards for performance and durability.

Convenient Online Shopping:

Purchase INGCO cutting discs conveniently online through Albirco’s platform, saving time and effort.

Wide Selection:

Explore a wide range of INGCO cutting discs available at Albirco, catering to various cutting needs and applications.

Fast Delivery:

Benefit from prompt delivery services when ordering INGCO cutting discs online from Albirco, ensuring timely access to your tools.

Technical Support:

Albirco provides technical support and assistance to ensure customers make informed decisions and optimize using INGCO cutting discs.

Invest in top-quality cutting discs today for precise cutting of tough materials.

At Albirco, we offer a comprehensive selection of cutting discs to meet your project needs. As a leading cutting disc supplier in the UAE, we also provide LED lights for both outdoor and indoor applications. Trust Albirco as your go-to supplier for cutting discs and LED lights from one of the best lighting companies in the UAE.


What types of cutting discs do you supply?

We supply a wide range of cutting discs, including abrasive discs, diamond discs, and metal discs, to cater to various cutting needs.

Are your cutting discs suitable for all materials?

Cutting discs are designed to handle different materials, including metal, stainless steel, concrete, and stone, ensuring versatility for various applications.

Do you offer different sizes of cutting discs?

Yes, we provide cutting discs in various sizes to accommodate different cutting requirements, ranging from small-diameter discs for precision cutting to larger discs for heavy-duty applications.

What brands of cutting discs do you supply?

We partner with reputable brands such as INGCO, Bosch, and Makita to supply high-quality cutting discs known for their performance and durability.

Can I get technical assistance in choosing the right cutting disc for my application?

Absolutely! Our experienced team can provide expert advice and technical support to help you select the most suitable cutting disc for your specific needs and applications.

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