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Buy INGCO Measuring Tapes Online in UAE At Albirco

Accuracy and precision are the key to successful industrial and construction projects, With an INGCO measuring tape, you can get error-free measurements and avoid any inaccuracies in the final product.

Ingco manufactures the best distance measuring tape to meet the different requirements of your projects. INGCO inch tapes are designed in pocket size for easy portability. The measuring tape has a ruler with clear markings for easy readability.

As a leading hand tool suppliers in Dubai, we offer measuring tapes from INGCO in two varieties including; length and width: 3mX16mm and 5mX19mm. These distance-measuring tapes are constructed in pure ABS material casting for durability and resistance to corrosion.

Shop durable inch tapes to use for a range of applications


Inch tapes are known to provide accurate measurements, allowing for precise measurements of various objects/spaces. It is ideal for some tasks like construction, carpentry, and sewing.

Quick measurements:

Measurement tapes are portable therefore, you can conveniently carry them around and take measurements quickly.

Ease of use:

Learning to use inch tapes requires minimal training. Clear markings and easy-to-read numbers make it easy to use the measuring tapes.


Measuring tapes are affordable as compared to other precision tools. Albirco offers measuring tapes from INGCO in different tape lengths that suit your project needs.

What to consider when you buy a meter tape online

Here are some important features that you should look for before you purchase a measuring tape in the UAE:


Blades feature the measurements on the measuring tape. As they are typically made of durable materials like stainless steel or fiberglass, check for the manufacturing material according to your project needs.

Blade Readability:

Wide meter tapes have large graphics that make it easier for one to read. Check the images of the inch tape to determine if it has inch marks or lines throughout the length of the tape.

Nail and screw grab:

Always buy a tape measure with a hole/sloth to conveniently hold the tape while taking measurements.

Self lock function:

Buy a meter tape with a self-lock function so it easily winds in the case without you having to wind it manually.

Why buy an INGCO measuring tape from Albirco

Albrico is amongst the best tool suppliers in UAE that provides a wide variety of measuring tapes from INGCO. We offer inch tapes with user-friendly features to adapt to different construction projects. The measuring tapes supplied by Albirco are designed with high-quality materials.

Albirco has been one of the best building material suppliers in the UAE for 3+ decades and has a reputation for providing durable products at affordable prices. Making it accessible to a wide range of customers. We only include products from reputable brands in our product line. Our expert team will guide you through the sales process and help you purchase the products according to your requirements.

Accurately make measurements for your tasks with INGCO measuring tapes

Measuring tapes are the essential tools in your toolbox, we help you shop the best tapes to make precise measurements. As a leading inch tape supplier, we are also:

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