The human body is composed of water to an approximate extent of 60%. Water is one of the most basic needs for humans because of this as well. Numerous body processes depend on water, and not getting enough of it can cause dehydration, which can cause a host of other health issues. But you also need to ensure that your water is pure and uncontaminated.

Numerous infections and waterborne illnesses may result from it. Freshwater resources on Earth are finite and further tainted by the ever-rising levels of environmental pollution. However, accessing safe drinking water is still difficult in the modern world. Such a situation calls for water purification methods.

Water Purification Methods That Work

People use various water purifying methods to prepare water for consuming food. Here is an inventory of the top 5 water purification methods.


Boiling is a time-tested process for purifying water that is still widely employed. This straightforward but efficient method includes heating water to a high temperature (100°C) for a certain amount of time. It eliminates most harmful organisms found in water, such as bacteria and viruses. Boiling water also removes some other contaminants and lowers the danger of infection or sickness that could be transmitted through the water.


The method of adding a certain amount of chlorine to drinking water is known as chlorination. When added correctly, chlorine helps eliminate any bacteria, viruses, or parasites in the water. It is among the most efficient ways to purify water chemically. Chlorinating products can be made from a variety of chemicals. Solid calcium hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2) and sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) are a couple of them. In addition, chlorine can be obtained in compressed elemental gas form, which is suitable for this DIY water filtration technique.

Solar Purification

This is another well-liked method for purifying water, known as solar water disinfection. Through the use of solar energy, various pollutants and impurities are removed from water. This technique combines solar heating, solar UV light collection, and solar PV panel energy generation. A solar water purifier is a device that briefly brings water to a near-boiling temperature using solar heat to eliminate germs and viruses. Nevertheless, no chemical contaminants can be removed with this procedure; it is only effective on biologically contaminated water. Furthermore, solar purification is a better option for purifying less water.

Clay Vessel Filtration

This one is another well-liked, age-old method for purifying water that has been practiced for ages. This approach involves filtering the water to remove bacteria and other impurities using a porous ceramic vessel made of fired clay. In purifying water, this clay pot primarily serves as a filtering medium. People kept clay pots in the past to filter murky water. The dirt particles can be readily blocked by these pots, letting clear, drinkable water flow through.


This is another effective method frequently employed to render water fit for human consumption. Desalination is taking salts or other minerals out of water, as the name implies. As brackish and seawater have high salt contents, these types of water are typically treated using this technique. The good news is that desalination can remove salt from water while also removing some other impurities. For this reason, it has gained popularity as a means of obtaining freshwater for use in home and industrial Building material suppliers in UAE settings and human consumption.

Water Purifiers Are Necessary

There are significant restrictions on each of these DIY water purification methods. While some require much time, others are limited to treating lesser amounts. In this case, electric water purifiers are a superior option that works better than any of these techniques. To make it safe for drinking, they employ a multi-stage procedure that removes practically all chemical pollutants and other impurities. These days, water purifiers are outfitted with cutting-edge technology like carbon blocks, UV and UF filtering, etc.

The following are some significant benefits of utilizing an effective water purifier:

– Enhanced defense against dangerous waterborne illnesses

– Simple removal of additional contaminants and heavy metals

– Less effort and time

– Enhanced quality of the water


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