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BRANDENBURG Genus® Viper 30 Electric Grid Fly Killer

In the world of commercial insect control, the Brandenburg Viper 30 stands out as a high-performance, adaptable fly trap designed to excel in areas with high flying insect activity. Engineered for efficiency and ease of use, this versatile unit offers both high voltage grid and glueboard options to suit your specific needs. Let’s explore what makes the Viper 30 the go-to choice for tackling flying insect nuisances in commercial settings.

High-Performance Excellence:

  • Effective Fly Control: The Viper 30 is equipped with two 15W lamps designed to attract flies, leading them into the high voltage grid, where they are swiftly electrocuted. The resulting catch is safely collected in a 70mm deep catch tray, ensuring your space remains pest-free.

Versatile Installation Options:

  • Precise Placement: The Viper 30 offers a range of installation choices, allowing for precise placement exactly where it’s needed. You can opt for wall mounting, ceiling suspension, or freestanding installation to maximize its effectiveness in your unique setting.

Effortless Maintenance:

  • Tool-Free Servicing: Quick and easy servicing is a hallmark of the Viper 30. Say goodbye to cumbersome tools—this unit is designed for hassle-free maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous insect control.

Safety First:

  • Optional Sleeved Lamps: In food production areas where safety and hygiene are paramount, the Viper 30 offers optional sleeved lamps for added peace of mind. These lamps enhance safety protocols, ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.

Customized Solutions:

  • Glue Board Option: For businesses adhering to HACCP compliance standards, the Viper 30 is available as a glue board unit. It features a large-capacity, fully grid-marked glue board, offering maximum catch area while maintaining hygiene and safety.

In summary, the Brandenburg Viper 30 is the epitome of versatility and performance in commercial fly control. Its adaptability in installation, ease of maintenance, and optional safety features make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking effective and reliable insect control solutions. With the Viper 30, you can trust that your space remains free from flying insect pests, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for both staff and customers.

  • Dimensions : 337 x 511 x 134(mm)
  • Weight : 5.5KG
  • Lamps : 2x15W
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


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