As summer approaches, we all imagine the fun & calm beach vibes, tasty food & those chill & tangy lollies! However many warehouse owners are looking for ways to get rid of pesky mosquitos, flies, and other critters that would just love to live in your home. Insects are everywhere! And they’re not just annoying, they can cause health issues and severe illnesses as well. So what should you do? Well, insecticides are some of the best ways to get rid of them & there are multiple different options when it comes to insect control like pesticides bug zappers. The use of insecticides is often considered an effective way to control the population of insects in a commercial space. However, the chemicals used in these insecticides are can be hazardous to humans if exposed for long periods of time.

Well to come over these issues the electric insect killer was made. The use of an electric insect killer is an alternative that can kill insects without the risks associated with chemical pesticides also if you want the most powerful, time-effective way to keep them at bay then electric insect killers are the way to go!

One of the most common questions we get is “Why should I choose an electric insect killer?” That’s why in this blog we’re going to cover the top 3 reasons why you should buy a Moel Insect Killer Supplier in UAE.

What are insect killers?

Electric insect killers use high-frequency electric pulses as the active ingredient, which is a more natural solution for those who aren’t tolerant of chemical pesticides. These electric pulses kill pests by interfering with their nervous systems and causing them to convulse and die. The biggest advantage of using commercial electric insect killer is that it’s chemical-free and nonpoisonous, which makes them safe for adults and children. Moel insect killers are compact and eco-friendly & they can be installed in your commercial spaces without ruining the aesthetics of your restaurants, store, or workplace.

Reasons to buy Moel insect killer supplier:

Electric insect killers are safer to use for indoor commercial spaces with lesser ventilation. They are more humane than chemical sprays which can be toxic and hazardous to employees and your customers. They also eliminate the need for expensive pest control services like pesticides and other insecticides which also eat up your productivity time.

There is no danger to your health

Electric bug zappers have a number of advantages, they assist in the elimination of bothersome insects without the use of pesticides or hazardous materials that may be dangerous to your employees, and customers and can also ruin your reputation.  The metal grid and outer shell of Moel insect traps help to cover the inside of the trap, ensuring that your employees are well protected from the electric current. On the other hand, if you choose to spray insects with chemicals to kill them will not only waste your time but also make the employee’s life more difficult.

Easy to clean and install

Insect killers made by Moel often have a metallic grid that doesn’t collect dust that easily. Even if it gets dirty, all it takes is a cloth and a quick wipe to clean it. Because most designs are portable and designed to be quickly and simply mounted to a wall or hung from the ceiling, it makes it easy to place them almost anywhere.

Allows people to have a pleasant environment

Insects can wreak havoc on your commercial space’s working environment. If the bugs in the facility continue to disturb your employees, they will be unable to perform the job efficiently. Moreover, they can also contaminate your products leading to further losses. With the help of Moel insect killer, you can quickly eliminate bugs, making the environment more comfortable for customers and employees, and allowing them to work more efficiently. These are just a few of the advantages that our Moel commercial insect killers can provide to your business. It’s worthwhile to invest in them for your commercial space since they make the environment more comfortable by eliminating pests and insects and keeping your spaces free of insect and bug contamination.

When it comes to choosing an insect killer, you need to find out what works best for your needs. The insect killer commercial should be easy to use, take up little space, and not be harmful to children. Whatever product you choose, it should be safe and effective, and good for the environment Moel is the best insect killer that ticks all the safety standards and other technicalities. That’s why we at Albirco offer a wide range of Moel insect killers for you to choose from & select the best ones for your needs. Learn more about Moel insect killer on our website.