Bathroom fixtures are essential in every bathroom not just for their looks but also for their functionality. Nobody likes a difficult-to-use and aesthetically unappealing bathroom in their home or hotel room. When it comes to Hotels, bathroom fixtures are very essential as they can make or break a visitor’s living experience in your hotel. 

When choosing bathroom accessories for your hotel, it’s important to consider multiple things like your customer’s needs, the cost of your room, safety equipment, etc. Choosing the correct bathroom accessories suppliers in UAE is very essential to provide the best products to your customers. Mega has a wide variety of bathroom fixtures to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect one for your hotel bathrooms. Some essential bathroom fixtures offered by Mega are bathroom suites, wash basin mixers, and bidet spray. Make sure to find the perfect fixture by considering your space and needs.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the seven best Mega bathroom fixtures you should consider when shopping for your hotel bathroom. From Mega toilet seat covers to high-end bathroom mixers, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and look at these 7 crucial washroom and kitchen accessories for your hotel: 


Mega Smart Shattaf Cleaning Set Chrome 4032

Mega Smart Shattaf Cleaning Set Chrome 4032 is made of Premium Quality materials with a modern design, in a grey braided hose that blends well with your hotel bathroom and gives an attractive look. It is easily mounted, takes up less space, and has a 360-degree rotatable hose for convenience. The sleek design and tidy construction with an ABS body and brass connections make this Bidet spray a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Our Mega Smart Stattaf Cleaning Set- Chrome 4032 PLS


Mega Dual Function Flush Tank 3022

Mega Dual Function Flush Tank 3022 tank has a PS body for long-lasting performance. Its dual flush technology makes it an excellent water-saving option. The flush tank is comfortable, saves space, and can even be hidden behind a thin wall in your hotel bathroom. By many standards, the ease of installation of this tank makes it an appealing option for many hotel owners.

Our Mega Dual Function Flush Tank 3022


Mega Shattaf Set PVC 3028

Mega Shattaf Set PVC 3028 simplifies cleanliness and hygiene with its PVC white braided hose, and an ABS body with a 5-year replacement warranty. It gives you a great spray experience with soft water droplets, keeping you clean and hygienic. The sleek, minimalist design ensures long-term utility, and the modern elegance of the minimalist design elevates the visual appeal of your bathroom. 


Mega Kelebek Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover 3501

The Mega Kelebek Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover 3501 is a classic design. This toilet seat’s gently curved lines have a refined, elegant appearance. This means they are suitable for any bathroom and most standard toilets.

This hard-wearing, durable, and long-lasting toilet seat can withstand even heavy-duty use thanks to its high-quality materials. The smooth and non-porous surfaces are ideal for maintaining optimal hygiene. Moreover, a 5-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects is included with the toilet seat for your peace of mind. 

Our Mega Kelebek Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover 3501


Mega Okyanus Toilet Seat Cover 3062

Mega Okyanus Toilet Seat Cover 3062 is an easy-to-use toilet seat made of polypropylene. This practical and durable seat comes with a bright adjustable surface and soft close hinges, which can endure everyday use and is ideal for commercial installations. The Mega toilet seat is designed for universal pans, and features plated hinges that are both durable and adjustable. This seat is made of high-quality materials that are elegant and virtually unbreakable, ensuring that it stays tight on the pan and does not loosen over time.

Our Mega Okyanus Toilet Seat Cover 3062


Mega Efes Mix Basin Mixer MG-ASL100

The classic Mega Efes Mix Basin Mixer MG-ASL100 is made with solid brass casting and a 40mm ceramic cartridge which produces a stunning look. This beautiful basin mixer also has an 80mm tube end depth and a 140mm spout length, ensuring the durability of this brass single-body mixer. The 50cm high-quality flex connection is suitable for most plumbing configurations.

Our Mega Efes Mix Basin Mixer MG-ASL100

MEGA Truva Mix Basin Mixer MG-Z02

MEGA Truva Mix Basin Mixer MG-Z02 is a stylish and eye-catching basin mixer that is ideal for your luxury hotel. The elegant design, combined with a luxurious brass finish, complements the space perfectly. A 40mm ceramic cartridge provides smooth handle movement and ensures the user has complete control over the flow and temperature of the water. All these features make it the perfect match for high-end hotels with an elite customer base. 

Our MEGA Truva Mix Basin Mixer MG-Z02


Choosing the right bathroom fixtures can significantly affect your hotel’s bathroom aesthetics and function. You need to identify and select the right bathroom accessories for creating a rememberable experience for your customers and this blog is the perfect way for you to start on this journey. 

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