Woodworking is a traditional craft that requires skill, precision, and correct tools. Whether you are a carpenter or a woodworker, you will need tools beyond the basic tools to get the work done. As a woodworker, you must understand and research the hand tools.

Albirco is a leading hand tools supplier in UAE that offers a wide range of INGCO hand tools. From circular saws to claw hammers, we have all the tools one needs. However, there are some essential tools that you need to purchase first. We asked our experts to suggest the top 5 INGCO hand tools necessary for woodworking. Read on to know which ones you should include in your toolkit.

Claw Hammer 

claw hammer

A claw hammer is the most basic and common tool in every woodworker’s toolbox. As a woodworker, you will need a claw hammer.

INGCO makes lightweight claw hammers, which are available in 80z and 160z. The weight of the claw hammer is balanced with a fiberglass handle to reduce hand fatigue.

The Hammerhead is made of 45 carbon steel, drop-forged, and heat-treated for durability and long life span. The INGCO claw hammer has a sharpened curve claw for maximum nail-pulling leverage. INGCO claw hammer is designed to easily grip and pull out nails without damaging the wood.

Wood Chisel

Wood chisel

Wood chisels are those hand tools that are utilized in carpentry and woodworking. INGCO wood chisels are made of CR-V (chrome vanadium) material, which withstands heavy use and resists wear and tear.

INGCO wood chisel is 140mm long, which makes it comfortable to use. The long length allows one to cut different types of wood efficiently.

Before using a wood chisel, always wear protective gear like goggles, gloves or face shields to prevent accidents or injuries.

Hand Saw 

Hand saw

Hand saws are designed for cutting and trimming wood. They help you get clean cuts and smooth trim, INGCO hand saws are 18 inches or 450mm long.

INGCO hand saws are made of 65Mn material known for toughness and durability. The 0.9mm blade thickness and seven teeth per inch enable clean and accurate cuts in the wood.

These hand saws have a comfortable handle designed to reduce fatigue and allow the user to comfortably complete any woodworking task.

Carpenter Pliers

Carpenter pliers

INGCO makes the carpenter pliers 8 inches or 200mm long, to be able to use comfortably.. These pliers are made with a durable Cr-V material to withstand heavy use in the woodworking process.

The plastic handle of the INGCO carpenter plier enables a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue during use.

INGCO carpenter pliers have versatile applications; they can be used to grip or pull out nails, bend metals and other materials, and even hold a range of objects.

Measuring tape

 Steel measuring tape

Another essential tool for woodworking is a measuring tape. The self-lock feature allows the measuring tape to be positioned correctly when taking measurements.

These steel measuring tapes are available in size 5mmX19mm with metric and inch units marked to easily convert the different measuring systems.

Spirit Level

Spirit level

As Building material suppliers, we often supply spirit levels, the most important hand tool for woodworkers. INGCO spirit levels have powerful magnets for easy and secure attachment to the surfaces.

INGCO spirit levels are double-sided milled with 0.5mm/m accurate vials for precise leveling. The spirit levels are available in two different lengths, 40cms and 80cms to choose from.

Some INGCO spirit levels are available with fluorescent amplification blisters, which enable easy readability of the vials in low light.

With these hand tools, you surely can deliver unique and beautiful woodwork. However, to keep them functioning well. You should consider reading these tips for maintaining hand tools.

How to maintain INGCO hand tools?

After every use, wipe off any wood shavings and dust to prevent any buildup that might affect the tool’s performance.

To enhance the functionality, lubricate moving parts of the hand tools, which will also prevent rusting and corrosion.

Always store in a cool, dry place in a toolbox. Use protective cases when carrying the tools to your job site.

Regularly choose your tools for any damages and wear and tear; if you notice any, fix it before using them.


Albirco is a leading tools supplier in UAE; we carry a full line of hand tools from INGCO, which includes hammers, saws and chisels for woodworking. In order to upgrade your toolkit, you need woodworking tools from INGCO to enhance your craft.

These INGCO tools for woodworking are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity and withstand heavy use. Each hand tool from INGCO is designed with innovative and user-friendly features that allow even beginners to use it safely.

We have been trusted and reliable suppliers of all construction materials for over 3 decades and are committed to providing professional-grade tools at affordable prices. You can check our website here to get more information about the different tools we supply.