The core toolkit for electricians may retain its timeless essentials like pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and wire strippers, but the evolution of these tools has significantly elevated efficiency. A shift toward ergonomic designs addresses operator fatigue stemming from repetitive motions and muscle strain. Beyond personal well-being, these advancements translate into superior outcomes for customers.

Below is the electrical hand tools list that will make your life easier.

Essential electrical hand tools list

Wire Strippers

Wire stripper - Albirco

A proficient wire stripper effortlessly removes plastic insulation from wires, ensuring damage-free precision. Advanced models excel at stripping sheath and insulation from twin and earth cables, showcasing versatility. Choose the right tool for seamless wire preparation, guaranteeing optimal performance without compromising the integrity of the wires or cables.

Recommendation: INGCO Wire stripper (HWSP15608)

The INGCO Wire Stripper (model HWSP15608) features a versatile design, accommodating a stripping diameter range of 0.5mm to 6mm. Its cutting function adds to its utility, while the PP-covered TPR handle ensures a comfortable grip. Crafted with a 65Mn material blade, this tool combines durability with precision. Compact at 175*85mm, it comes securely packed in a double blister for added protection.

Cable Cutter

INGCO Cable Cutter (HCCB0208) - Albirco

A cable cutter is an indispensable ally for efficient fieldwork, accelerating tasks with larger-diameter cables and swiftly handling a diverse array of smaller wires. Power tools redefine productivity, ensuring speed and precision when dealing with robust cables or standard wires. Their versatile performance is a game-changer, enhancing efficiency in diverse scenarios.

Recommendation: INGCO Cable Cutter (HCCB0208)

Measuring 8 inches (200mm), the INGCO cable cutter boasts a sleek black finish and polished exterior, adding a touch of style to its functionality. Crafted from high-quality 55# carbon steel, the cable cutter ensures durability and robust performance. The tool’s resilience is complemented by its packaging, securely enclosed in a half-double blister for protection and convenience. With its superior build, attractive aesthetics, and practical packaging, this 8-inch tool is a reliable and stylish addition to your toolkit.

Wire Stripping Plier

INGCO Wire stripping pliers (HWSP28160) - Albirco

Wire stripping plier is a versatile hand tool designed for efficiently removing the insulation or plastic coating from electrical wires. Featuring serrated jaws and various-sized cutting notches, it accommodates different wire gauges. The plier allows for precise stripping without damaging the conductor underneath, ensuring optimal connectivity.

Recommendation: INGCO Wire stripping pliers (HWSP28160)

The wire stripper plier is in a compact 6 inches (160mm size); these wire stripping pliers are crafted from durable Cr-V material, showcasing a sleek black finish and polished exterior for resilience and style. The TPR two-color handle ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing user control and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

Philips Screwdriver

 INGCO Phillips screwdriver (HS68PH2150) - Albirco BUY INGCO Phillips screwdriver (HS68PH2150) - Albirco INGCO Phillips screwdriver - Albirco

A Phillips screwdriver is a hand tool designed for turning screws with a specific cross-shaped indentation on their heads, known as a Phillips head. The tool features a corresponding cross-shaped tip that fits securely into the screw head, reducing the risk of slipping and providing improved torque.

Recommendation: INGCO Philips Screwdriver 

The Phillips screwdrivers made by INGCO are designed with varying specifications and intended uses in mind. Customers can select the model that best meets their requirements based on the screwdriver’s dimensions, length, and composition. These can be 200 mm long with an 8.0 mm PH3 shank. It comes in a poly bag and is constructed of S2 industrial steel.

We’ve included all the essential tools in an electric hand tools list. However, you should know safety and maintenance tips while using these tools.

Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining your electrical hand tools is crucial for ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Consider including tips such as:

– Regular Inspection:

Periodically check your tools for signs of wear, damage, or any loose components. Addressing issues promptly can prevent further damage.

– Cleaning and Lubrication:

Clean your tools from dust, debris, and residue. Apply appropriate lubricants to moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

– Blade Sharpening:

For tools with cutting components, like cable cutters and wire strippers, regularly sharpen the blades to maintain effectiveness. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for pointing procedures.

– Storage:

Proper storage is essential. Invest in a toolbox or storage case to protect your tools from environmental factors that could cause corrosion or damage.

Safety Tips:

– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Always wear the necessary PPE, including safety glasses, gloves, and appropriate clothing, to protect yourself from potential hazards.

– Tool Inspection:

Before use, inspect your tools to ensure they are in good condition. Faulty tools can pose serious safety risks.

– Electrical Safety:

Follow established electrical safety procedures when working with live circuits. Use insulated tools and work on de-energized circuits.


Upgrade your electrician tool kit with tools from our essential electrical hand tools list. Elevate your craft with a well-maintained toolkit, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Invest in INGCO tools available at Albirco—a reliable source for top-notch equipment for superior outcomes. Buy INGCO tools from Albirco and stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of electrical work.