Woodworking is a creative craft that lets you express yourself using one of nature’s most versatile materials. For a well-functioning workshop, it’s essential to have essential woodworking tools from hand tools suppliers in UAE.

These include measuring and marking tools, joinery tools, finishing tools, clamping and holding tools, and safety gear. These hand tools in your workshop ensure accurate cuts, sturdy joints, smooth finishes, and safe working space.

Before we explore the woodworking hand tools list, here are some helpful tips. When working with wood, it’s important to select the right hand tools in Dubai. Invest in high-quality ones that fit your needs, and maintain them well through regular sharpening and cleaning.

This not only ensures optimal performance but also extends their lifespan. Additionally, always prioritize safety by wearing the necessary gear, as enjoyable woodworking can pose risks.

Woodworking Hand Tools List For Every Woodworker

We’ve compiled a list of 10 must-have tools for any wood workshop. These tools are essential for simple crafts and more intricate designs, serving as the foundation for basic woodworking. With these tools, you’re fully prepared to take on any project that comes your way!

Tape Measure

Measuring Tape - Albirco

A good quality tape measure is a woodworker’s best friend. This little tool from the woodworking hand tools list is essential to take precise measurements.

A reliable tape measure is a woodworker’s tool for marking dimensions and ensuring project precision. It’s a must-have in your toolbox, so keep it handy, but be cautious when retracting to avoid mishaps with your fingers.


The hammer, an essential hand tool found in every toolbox, is necessary for tasks like driving and pulling nails in woodworking. INGCO offers hammers in different sizes, each designed for specific purposes. Opt for one that’s not too heavy for a comfortable grip. A strong hammer is ideal for driving in and pulling out nails efficiently. A reliable hammer is necessary to finish a simple task or engage in more complex woodworking.

Circular Saw

Circular Saw - Albirco

Next up on the woodworking hand tools list is a circular saw. The circular saw is a powerful and versatile tool for making straight cuts in wood. Its spinning blade effortlessly handles various wood types, making it perfect for precise cuts in your workshop. Whether working with plywood or boards, this portable tool is your go-to for efficient cuts. The circular saw is meant for various woodworking tasks, from cutting plywood to trimming boards.


Jig Saw - Albirco

The jigsaw, a versatile handheld tool from hand tools suppliers in Dubai, offers finesse and flexibility in woodworking. Its thin, reciprocating blade allows effortless cutting of curves, intricate patterns, and plunge cuts. This tool on the woodworking hand tools list becomes your go-to for adding artistic touches to woodworking projects, especially when crafting custom shapes or tackling detailed work. With the jigsaw, precision, and creativity come together seamlessly in your ventures.



Chisels are essential woodworking tools, simple yet powerful for shaping and carving wood. Featuring sharp edges, these hand tools enable chipping away, creating intricate details, and achieving precise cuts. Available in various sizes, they suit delicate carving to heavy-duty tasks. Keeping them sharp and handling them carefully ensures these trusty chisels become your best tools in the workshop, providing reliability for all your woodworking needs.


Drill Machine

Elevate your woodworking projects with the versatile power drill! This game-changing tool effortlessly creates holes, drives screws, and mixes paint. The rotating drill machine bit powers through wood, making it essential for various tasks, from pilot holes to assembling furniture. Your reliable workshop companion, just ensure you choose the right drill bit for the job to make the most of this tool’s capabilities.

Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders

Besides cutting and grinding, the versatile angle grinder, available in corded or battery-powered versions, serves for deburring, polishing, and surface preparation. Correct CBN or diamond grinding wheels can replace multiple tools, simplifying tedious and time-consuming tasks. The beauty lies in its simplicity, making angle grinders easy for even beginners to use, provided they adhere to proper safety measures.

Spirit Level

Spirit Level - Albirco

An essential tool on the woodworking hand tool list, the spirit level ensures precision by indicating whether the wood is perfectly horizontal or vertical. With various sizes, models, and types available, choosing the right spirit level for your job is essential. INGCO spirit level provides clarity in alignment, helping you achieve accurate and level surfaces in your woodworking projects. Selecting the appropriate spirit level based on your specific needs ensures the success and precision of your work.

To efficiently complete your woodworking tasks, we recommend including all these tools from the woodworking hand tools list. At Albirco, we offer the best woodworking hand tools from top-notch brand INGCO.

Hand tools from INGCO are designed with ergonomics in mind, with features such as angled handles, padded handgrips, and non-slip coatings. Browse our website to purchase woodworking tools from INGCO to enhance your woodworking skills.