A hammer is a tool that has a long history and is a must have in any toolkit. Its design hasn’t quite changed over the years. From metalworking to carpentry, hammers are those hand tools that are used for different tasks; these versatile tools are available in different sizes and types. While many hammers are available for you, it is important to determine which hammer is best suited for your job.

Before understanding the different types of hammers, get acquainted with the parts of a hammer.:


The head of the hammer is what does the most work. It is either rounded, pointed, or flat, depending upon the type.


The handle provides leverage and grip for striking. Therefore, the handle is made of non-slip materials like fiberglass or wood.

Peen/ Claw:

It is to the opposite side of the hammerhead, utilized for removing nails or shaping metals.

Let’s look at some common types of hammers and their use.

Claw Hammer:

Claw Hammer - Albirco

The claw hammer is the most versatile; its design features a flat face for striking a curved claw for pulling out nails. Because of the design, these hammers are not recommended for heavy hammering.

Claw hammers are hand tools often made of softer steel alloys like carbon steel, like the INGCO claw hammers (HCHS8008) and (HCHS8016). For ease of use, INGCO claw hammers are made of fiberglass handles.

Aim for the center of the nail to maximize the efficiency of the INGCO claw hammer to prevent any bending. To remove the nail, wedge the curved claw under the nail and loosen it.

Machinist Hammer:

Machinist Hammer - Albirco

A machinist hammer is also known as a ball peen hammer. It is identifiable by two: a flat one and a round one.

The Machinist hammers are commonly used for precision work in metal industries; however, they can also be used to round off rivets’ edges and strike chisels.

Before using a machinist hammer, wear gloves and protective gear. Always wear safety glasses as metal fragments scatter because of the rounded peen.

Stoning Hammer:

Stoning Hammer - Albirco

For people working with delicate materials and stonemasonry, the stoning hammer is an essential tool in the toolkit.

INGCO offers stoning hammers with a fiberglass handle for comfortable grip in two different weights 2000g and 1000g,

These hammers are made with a drop-forged carbon steel hammerhead and heat-treated for durability.

INGCO stoning hammers can be used to cut metal or stone with a chisel and light demolition.

Rubber Hammer:

Rubber Hammer - Albirco

The rubber hammer is also known as a mallet; the head is made of rubber and a fiberglass handle.

Since it is made of rubber, it is used for soft touch applications in woodworking, upholstery and flooring work.

INGCO rubber hammers are available in two different weights, including 450g/16oz and 200g/80z.

What are the best practices for using INGCO hammers

Due to a simple lack of know-how, many people face injuries. Follow these practices to avoid any injuries because of improper usage:

Choose the right hammer for the job you intend to do. Different hammers are designed for different tasks, so make sure to use the right hammer.

Before starting to use a hammer, ensure it is suitable for work. If you notice any signs of damage, such as loose head or rust patches, do not use it, as it may cause injuries.

Always use safety glasses to avoid any nails or other objects flying towards your eyes and harming you.

Wear gloves, hold and grip the hammer correctly, and swing it with your arm, not just your wrist.

By following these guidelines, you can complete your task effectively and safely.


Hammers aren’t a one-size-fits-all tool; therefore, include the different types of hammers in your toolkit. Albirco is one of the most trusted building materials supplier in UAE and offer different types of hammers from the leading brand INGCO. As well-known hand tools suppliers in UAE, we provide the best INGCO hammers to fulfill most hammering tasks. By understanding the features of INGCO hammers you will be able to determine which one to add to your toolkit. Browse our website today to upgrade your toolkit and to know the details and prices of our hand tools and power tools.