Lighting has evolved to play a significant role in the growth of various commercial establishments across the globe. Innovative lighting solutions illuminate retail stores and large supermarkets alike. It is well known that a supermarket’s design and interior can significantly impact a customer’s purchasing decision. However, many people are unaware that lighting plays a crucial role in maximizing the productivity of employees. It has the potential to have a significant impact on workplace functionality and the customer experience in general.

Proper lighting ensures smooth operational functioning and improves the safety of your workplace. Through Indoor lighting Dubai you can control the tone and appeal of your commercial space which directly impacts the physical and mental state of your employees. Being a leading LED light suppliers in UAE, we understand the importance of LED lighting in supermarkets and convenience stores. This blog will go over the fundamentals of supermarket lighting, which can lead to a better customer experience.

Why is LED lighting so important in supermarkets?

In order to boost business, supermarkets must install bright and clean lighting. The lighting in a supermarket enhances the overall customer experience by luring customers and tempting them to make impulse purchases. Poor quality lighting in supermarkets affects customer decision-making because customers are not engaged with product offerings, prompting customers to purchase what they were looking for and nothing else.

With the advent of e-commerce and Covid-19, customers prefer the convenience of ordering online. Supermarkets need to establish differentiating factors and lighting is a crucial aspect of planning. The development of new LED light dubai gives us a chance to lower energy consumption and increase sales. But shopping is, after all, an activity experienced with five senses, and as such commonly questioned what way is the right one. There is just a way, that simply suits your customers and as top lighting companies in Dubai, we’ll help you find it through this blog.

Here are 4 types of LED lighting that are perfect for Supermarkets:

LED tube lights

The Gloware T5 and T8 batten LED tubes provide great energy efficiency delivering bright light over a long period of time. Installing them reduces your supermarket’s carbon footprint and saves a significant amount of energy (up to 80%). This results in better, brighter lighting throughout the store. The Gloware LED Tubes – T8 LED Tube and T5 LED Tube match perfectly with traditional tube fixtures.
As LED lighting wholesale suppliers, our LED tubes have a long lifespan and come in cool white, daylight, and warm white colors in 9W and 18W sizes. Gloware LED T8 and T5 tubes are also safeguarded against overpowering, overheating, and electrical shorting. They are free from mercury and lead, making them environmentally friendly.

Albirco's Gloware LED T5 Batten

LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling lights are ideal for supermarkets looking for stylish alternatives to fluorescent battens. Our modern ceiling lights in Dubai are housed inside a super sleek body and provide an impressive light spread. Supermarket Energy and Facilities Managers can demonstrate energy savings of up to 65% and appreciate the quick installation time. It is appropriate for both internal and external applications, such as supermarket aisles and supermarket warehouses.

Albirco's Gloware LED Ceiling Light with sensor

LED surface light round

LED surface round lights are design-driven, high-performance LED lights that replace fluorescent battens and tube fixtures. It produces impressive wattages and saves up to 65% on energy. It also has a compact design, heat dissipation, and uniform light distribution. Because of its unique aluminum alloy housing, facilities managers will appreciate the unique fit-and-forget installation of LED surface round lights.

Albirco's Gloware COB Surface Light

LED High Bay lights

LED High Bay lights are ideal for supermarket basements looking to replace traditional metal halide high bays with energy-efficient LED High Bays. This ultra-efficient LED High Bay light is ideal for supermarket basements, warehouses, and back-of-house applications because it has a 16500-lumen output and 150W range. This means you can get more lumens out of the super-bright LED chips for longer, and the unique fully die-cast aluminum shell allows for good heat dissipation.

Albirco's Gloware LED Highbay

Moreover, they have an industry-leading brightness of up to IP 65 50/60 Hz and can be installed in supermarket basements. When installing LED high bay lights, lighting bills can be reduced by 70% and maintenance costs reduced by 95%.

Albirco has established itself as one of the most trusted and influential lighting companies in UAE. We have tirelessly supplied LED lamps and luminaire solutions to various countries for 3+ decades. Being one of the best Building materials supplier in Dubai our LED lights are environmentally friendly and made with cutting-edge technology. We offer LED solutions that cater to commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure, and hospitality environments.