A fan is a primary stand-alone cooling appliance found in almost every home in UAE. By facilitating airflow within a room, fans help us breathe at ease. They are also the most energy-efficient and affordable means of cooling homes. Fans are the most common piece of furniture in any home, especially in homes of tropical regions. Fans not only circulate the air in the room, but they also help to keep the humidity level stable. There are numerous types of electric fans available on the market today, depending on your needs, whether it is for large or small rooms, whether it is bladeless or with blades. The trick is to select the right fan for a specific area or need. 


1. What are Ceiling fans?

 A ceiling fan is a device suspended from a room’s ceiling with hub-mounted rotating blades that circulate the air, producing a cooling or destratification effect. Most ceiling fans have an electrical switch that allows you to reverse the direction of rotation of the blades. Ceiling fans have been around for over a century, with Philip Diehl inventing the first electric one in 1882. He attached two paddle-blades to a sewing machine’s engine to develop a long-desired method of reducing indoor temperatures.

– Benefits of a ceiling fan: 

  • Beauty and Style

Ceiling fans are also available in several sizes and shapes, with finishes to match your taste. Traditional fans with finishes ranging from wood to bronze, modern brushed metal units, and even tropical fans with blades resembling banana leaves are all available. 

  • Serves illumination purpose 

Ceiling fans with lights enable you to contribute to your room’s tiered lighting design. Many ceiling fans have dimming capabilities, which are perfect for reading on the bed at night. Consider getting a light kit that matches the lights and appliances in the rest of your house. 

  • Reduces energy costs

Ceiling fans are extremely cost-effective, thus they save electricity bills. The air they circulate, on the other hand, can make a room feel three to four degrees cooler. You can save 30 to 40% on your electricity cost by raising the thermostat a few degrees to take advantage of the fan’s air circulation.


2. What is an air cooler? 

Air coolers are one of the greatest cooling options for regions where the summers are hot and dry. They’re popular because they’re both cost-effective and environmentally beneficial. Choosing the right air cooler, on the other hand, can be a little perplexing. There are numerous alternatives available on the market, as well as other additional characteristics to consider. 

– Benefits of air cooler:

  • Hassle-free installation 

Personal air coolers are the simplest to use, with no complicated installation procedures required. You will not need to connect it to any of your home’s ducts or mount it to a window. All that remains is to locate an exit point for the exhaust hose.

  • Portable 

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a personal air cooler is portability. While central air conditioners cool the entire house, some homeowners prefer to cool certain rooms more than others, which is not always possible. Air coolers are portable from one spot to another. You can easily move it to any room you want for immediate cooling needs.

  • Cost-effective 

Air coolers are significantly less expensive than air conditioners, and most people can afford them for their cooling requirements. Personal air coolers use far less electricity than air conditioners, resulting in significant savings. 


3. What is a mist fan? 

During the summer, normal fans blow out hot air, rising temperatures rather than lowering them, increasing the risk of heatstroke. A mist fan is a regular fan that has a fan mist ring attached to it. The fan misting kit employs misting nozzles to produce mist-like droplets of water. These extremely small droplets quickly evaporate, resulting in cooler air blowing out of the fan and instantly lowering temperatures. Mist fans are highly demanded in industrial places as it works as a humidifier that cools the temperatures at such places. The easy installation and portability also make it a perfect device for outdoor and industrial places.  

– Benefits of Mist fans:

  • High cooling capacity 

When the fan is turned on, the temperature usually drops to 3 to 5 degrees in a short period.

  • Power savings 

Enough capacity for the mist fan to operate at 1/4th of the capacity of the air conditioner, allowing the mist fan to save the most household power.

  • Low cost

The cost of a misting fan is significantly less than the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an air conditioner. When they are in need, many people prefer to buy misting fans rather than air conditioners.


There you have it, a brief buying guide to help you choose the best fans for your home. Before you go out looking for models, decide what kind of fans you want based on the climatic conditions in your area. Albirco has been in the electrical business for three decades now and could help you get the best Fans in Bulk for your next project.